Be Patient

This month our new theme from Mother Goose Time is: Orchard Harvest. The character trait for this month is “be patient”. We worked on patience a LOT this week.

This year, each character trait we work on has a book to go with it and story pieces to help act out the story. My students have loved reading this story. We’ve already read it two times and I have a feeling we will read it quite a few more times before the month is over. I was really glad this is the character trait for this month. I don’t know what it was, but this week seemed like there was a lot of waiting that the students had to do. And they all handled it really well.


In the first week of every month, we work on writing our name. There is a lot of patience involved as a student learns to hold his pencil/marker correctly. He is excited to learn how to write his name, but it can be frustrating at first because it takes practice to be able to control the marker the way you want.


This week, in our “Creative Corner”, we made a caterpillar with string and beads that the students wove in and out of holes in a big leaf. This craft was a lot more difficult for this group of kids then I thought it was going to be. They all had a really difficult time stringing the beads on to the yarn. I had some big (kid-friendly) needles that I put on the strings and it made it a little easier. But, the students had to practice patience as they waited for me and my teacher partner to thread everyone’s string with the needle and then again while they put one bead on the string at a time. For future, I was thinking how I could cut down on all the waiting and frustration from the kids and I was thinking that shoe laces would have been better string. It would have been easier for the students to put the beads on a shoe string.


We did a lot of activities this week where we had to share materials. The students had to wait their turn so they could play the game themselves. One activity this week was rolling a die and counting that many shape links and putting them on a tree branch (or stick). We practiced patience as we waited for our turn to roll the die. We practiced patience while another student counted out their shapes.


We worked together a lot this week. Students got in pairs and were given 2 sticks each. Their job was to make a square with their sticks. It was fun to watch them work together and be patient with each other as they waited for their turn to put their stick down. It was interesting to see which students helped out a little more and which students sat back and waited for their partner to tell them where to put their stick. There were many couples that communicated well with each other and talked through how they were going to make their square.


A few of the students needed a little extra help this week and had to wait for their turn to get the help they needed. I am very impressed by how quickly each student has learned to use scissors effectively. There are a few that need help holding the paper while they cut, so they had to wait their turn to get that help. We have been teaching the students how to hold the paper while they cut and where to put their hands so they don’t cut themselves. All my students are close to doing this skill (using scissors) entirely independently. And it’s because we have practiced cutting a lot and the students have been patient with themselves, and me, as they learned this skill.


So much learning is being done each day at preschool. They are learning so much and gaining so many skills. I can’t wait to continue learning about patience for the rest of the month!

How do you teach patience to your kids/students?


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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