Creatures in the Garden

Last week was the last week of school for my little preschool. We had a great last week. I invited the parents to my house for a little Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Tea party. We celebrated the students and what they’ve accomplished this year. I have been so blessed with an easy-going class and students that love to learn.


For our last week of school, we finished off our garden unit. We learned about creatures that visit gardens. We also reviewed many of the concepts we have learned over the last 9 months.


We reviewed numbers, shapes, patterns, and more. One activity we did was build our own beehive with cubes. The students loved working together to accomplish this goal. A few of them used the template given from Mother Goose Time to make their beehive. Others worked together to make their own design. I used this activity to check the students knowledge of colors and counting. What color of cube are you using? How many blue cubes do you have?

2018-05-15 09.37.49


We played an alphabet game. The students picked a card, identified the letter, found the matching letter on the game board and put a cotton ball on it covering it up. It was fun to see how many letters we learned this year. The students liked showing off their skills. A few of them didn’t just want to tell me the letter. That was too easy. They also wanted to tell me the sound it makes and a word that starts with that letter. There were a few letters that we forgot what they were called. This was a great way for me to find out which letters those were so we could review them together.

2018-05-15 10.35.47


For writing this week, we didn’t actually practice writing letters and numbers like I had originally planned on them doing. Instead, the students found letters they knew from stickers and stamps that I had and put them on a paper. This ended up being their favorite activity for the week. I had forgotten that I had alphabet stamps and stickers until the last week of school!! So, of course this was the students favorite thing to do. I need to remember that I have these for next year and bring them out earlier in the year. I tried to get the students to write their name using stamps, but only one student did it. The rest of them were too excited to be using stamps.

2018-05-15 10.49.422018-05-15 10.49.55


Our last art activity for the year was making a mole maze. The students ripped paper and glued it onto a different paper in a specific way to make a tunnel. They were creative and had a lot of fun with it.

2018-05-15 09.58.47

I am so sad the year is over with these cute students. They have grown so much. I will see a few of them again next fall for another year of preschool. But, until then, I hope that all of my students have a wonderful and safe summer. Good luck to those moving on to other adventures. And a big HUGE thank you to amazing parents who made it all possible. I couldn’t teach preschool without their support. And one last shout out to Mother Goose Time for an amazing curriculum that is super fun, engaging, and easy to use. I wouldn’t want to teach with any other curriculum!


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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