This week we learned a new word: extinct. I asked the students what they thought “extinct” meant. I got all sorts of giggles, then someone says, “It’s when someone “a – stinks and you say eww… you stink”. These students crack me up.

Mother Goose Time had the idea of letting your students build their own dinosaur bone replica with craft sticks; just like the dinosaur bones you see on display at a museum. My students were very excited. They got to work creating their own new species of dinosaur. Some of their dinosaurs had long necks. Others had spikes. One had wings. And all of them had tails, either long or short.

2018-02-01 09.22.252018-02-01 09.22.32

We talked about how dinosaurs don’t live on the Earth anymore so we have to guess as to what they might have looked like.

For literacy, we pretended to be at a museum and walk around the room finding letters. Once we found those letters we wrote them down on our whiteboards. I loved this activity because museums are quiet. It was great practice for using our quiet inside voices. Usually the students would run around yelling things like, “I found the letter H over here!” And the other students would come running over to see. But, not for this activity. The students whispered and focused on writing letters that they found and not what their peers found. This was a great way to check to see which students are able to write letters and which students might need more practice.

2018-02-01 10.38.562018-02-01 10.39.082018-02-01 10.39.16

One of the last things we did this week to wrap up our dinosaur unit, was make muddy dinosaur footprints on paper. We talked about where dinosaurs might have roamed and where they might have been going. The students drew rocks and trees and other nature scenery on the paper path I had laid out on the table. Then, we dipped the dinosaur figurines (provided in the Mother Goose Time box) in paint and made footprints along the path. This was supposed to be an individual activity, but with my students, I thought it would be better if we made one giant path and worked together to create muddy dinosaur footprints.

2018-02-01 11.19.252018-02-01 11.19.292018-02-01 11.19.36

We have had so much fun with this dinosaur unit. We actually went on a field trip earlier this week to see dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is still our favorite dinosaur.

With our dinosaur unit all wrapped up, we are ready to move onto the next theme: It’s A Small World.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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