Math Day!

Today we did 3 lessons from Mother Goose Time in one day because today is the last day of November and I am excited to start the new theme in December!

We did a lot of math today… which was fun! We started the day by playing the “Would You Rather” game. This game is great for helping students make their own decisions. After everyone votes for their choice, we count how many votes each choice received. I ask questions like, “Which option was preferred most? How about least?” I also ask a few students to share why they chose the option that they did.   2017-11-30 09.44.402017-11-30 09.46.22

After that, we played a game called “Mango Market”. The students were given money to buy a shape block from the mango market. They had to choose which shape they wanted,  identify how much that shape will cost, and make sure they had enough money to pay for it. I made them tell me the item they wanted to buy, identify how much it costs, then count out their money to me before I gave them the shape they wanted. We played a few times so the students could practice counting their money and so they could get more shapes. 2017-11-30 09.53.092017-11-30-09-53-19.jpg2017-11-30 09.54.46

When they had enough shapes, I had them make an object or animal with those shapes. I brought out Melissa and Doug shape boards to help give them ideas for what they could make. We ended up using the boards and dumping out all of the shapes to use on the panels. I made adjustments to the activity to fit the needs and interests of my students. They were very excited to use the shapes they bought from the ‘Mango Market’ to make animals, but they needed a little bit of help making it work. So, I let them use as many shapes as they wanted from the bin and gave them templates (the shape boards) to work from.   2017-11-30 09.59.15

Math is a fun subject to teach to preschoolers. Most of the time they are learning through play and they don’t always realize they are learning. It’s fun to see the students apply what they learned from a math lesson in a different lesson taught throughout the day or week. In this last activity we did, with the shape boards, students were identifying shapes and using math language in casual conversation with their peers. They were asking each other, “Have you seen a square?” or “Does anyone need a hexagon?” and “I just need 3 triangles to complete my flower picture.” Later in the day, we were at snack and a student pointed out that “our snack mats, when put together in a certain way, make a hexagon.” I love watching these students learn and apply what they are learning in a real life setting. It makes me so happy.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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