Find the Hexagons

This month, we are learning about hexagons. We usually do a search around the room for the shape of the month, but hexagons are a little more difficult to spot. There is not a lot of them in the preschool room. 2017-11-14-09-46-53.jpg

I was excited to see that the “More Math” and “More Literacy” books from Mother Goose Time included a page where the students searched for hexagons. We practiced counting the sides and corners and went over what some of the other shapes were on the page so the students could be successful with this page. Their job was to color in all 8 of the hexagons on the page.

2017-11-14 09.43.002017-11-14 09.43.30

Teaching hexagons this month has been a little bit of a challenge. Each time there is an activity that has a hexagon in it, we stop and make sure we count the sides and corners.

We did an activity this week called “Hidden Numbers”. The numbers were hidden behind some grass, except for a little hexagon peep hole.  The students had to guess what number was hiding behind the grass by looking through the hexagon shape. They had a lot of fun guessing the numbers. And, as a bonus, they were looking at a hexagon for this whole activity!


The “More Math” and “More Literacy” books were just what I needed to help the students practice identifying hexagons as well as other shapes. They could easily see the differences between stars, circles, squares, triangles, and hexagons because they were each spread out on the page. I could easily see if the students were able to identify a hexagon by looking at the page and seeing if they colored in the correct shapes.

These workbooks are fun to use and the kids love them! They have been a little bit of a challenge for this group of students I have this year because my students are on the younger side of preschool aged children. But, parents have told me how much they love the workbooks and how excited their students are to work on the pages that we didn’t finish in class at home.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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