More Reinforcement

This month, we are learning about weather. At the beginning of the month we observed the monthly theme poster and spotted things in each picture that was similar and different.

2017-10-05 09.37.412017-10-05 09.37.05

This year, I decided to do “More Math” and “More Literacy” workbooks (provided by Mother Goose Time) to help reinforce learning for my students. It’s also nice to have something to show the parents so they can see what we’ve been working on each month.

2017-10-13 15.41.56-1

In the “More Math” workbook, there is a “spot the difference” page. This was a little tricky for my students. They couldn’t quite tell what was different among the two pictures. I would explain, “the squirrel is in the tree in one picture and on the ground in the 2nd picture”. They would look at me and say, “so… We circle the squirrel because there is a squirrel in each picture?” They wanted to circle things that were similar, not different. One picture had birds in it and the other one didn’t. They had a really difficult time wanting to circle the birds when there was no birds in the other picture. It wasn’t the same.


We talked a lot about same and different. I don’t feel like they understood the concept, but I do feel really good about that being their first introduction to ‘same and different’. This lesson paved the foundation for future lessons on this topic.

Exposing students to the concepts and standards is so important even if they aren’t going to understand. It’s something that I feel comes with multiple exposures taught in multiple ways. They might not get it now, but hopefully the next time I teach about ‘same and different’ they will understand a little bit more. Until one day, it will just click.

Another activity we did this month was ordering objects from smallest to biggest. In the “More Math” workbook there is a page with 4 trees of different sizes. Students cut out the trees and line them up from tallest to shortest or smallest to biggest. This is great for the “you do” part of the lesson. A lot of lessons involve me showing them what I want them to do (I do), then the students and I work together to complete a task (we do), then I have them try it on their own (you do).


2017-10-10 11.25.36


These workbooks are great for reinforcing concepts or independent practice.

At the end of the workbooks is a Skills Assessment. This makes it easy for me to quickly assess where my students are at based on the activities we did this week and the activities we did in the workbook. Can the student order objects from smallest to largest? Do they meet the standard or do we still need to work on this skill?


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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