Ripple Effect

Sometimes teachers can get in a rut. They get used to teaching the same thing over and over year after year. That can get boring. So what do you do about it? You challenge yourself! You learn something new that will help you grow as an educator.

I use Mother Goose Time’s curriculum. Their 3 year rotation is perfect for keeping me engaged in teaching. Plus, I often have students do 2 years of preschool. So, those students are not learning the same thing two years in a row. They learn the same basic concepts, but with new engaging themes and stories.

Challenging yourself to grow as a professional educator can be difficult. Since using mother goose time, I have started to learn Spanish. Each monthly theme has an activity that helps the kids learn new Spanish vocabulary words. These words go along with the theme so the kids can practice using these words all month long.

Each year, I also try to incorporate something new that would be beneficial to students learning. One year I introduced writing journals. Another year, I introduced the “I Can Read” books. I make sure I always have one read aloud in every class. Sometimes I use the suggested books from Mother Goose Time and sometimes I use my own books. I like the variety of books I get to read to the students and I like that I’m not reading the same book over and over. When I ask questions, I make sure everyone in the class gets an equal opportunity to answer. I give them opportunities to share experiences in front of the class. This sometimes leads the class discussions in a different direction than in the past when I taught the same lesson, making each lesson interesting and unique.

Mother goose time has challenged me. They encourage me to try new things that I might not of tried on my own. Included each month is usually a science experiment of some kind and “invitation to create” art pieces. There are also food cards and ideas for snacks in the box.

This week, we did a science experiment called the ripple effect. We got various objects and dropped each of them in the water and observed what happened in the water. Then, we recorded our observations on paper. My student drew circles all over the paper and explained to me that that’s what she saw the water do. The water made circles when we dropped the objects in the water. I explained to her that those were called ripples and we talked about why the water makes ripples. This is a science experiment that I may not have done if it wasn’t included in the lesson for the day.

2017-07-25 08.48.452017-07-25 08.50.542017-07-25 09.13.252017-07-25 09.15.522017-07-25 09.16.272017-07-25 09.17.40

I am grateful to Mother Goose Time for pushing me to do new things, like science experiments.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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