Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Moths

This was our last week with the theme: Bugs and Crawly Things from Mother Goose Time. This was probably one of my favorite themes we did this year because my students were so excited about each new bug and I think the kids learned a lot as well. These were fun activities that were so meaningful to the kids because they see these bugs in their backyards, and outside when they are walking around.

We learned about caterpillars, butterflies, and moths. We talked about the differences between moths and caterpillars. The students made moth and butterfly art projects.

When doing our butterfly project, we talked about symmetry. I had the students create a design on one side with paint. Then, we folded the paper before the paint dried to make that same pattern on the other side of the paper.

2017-05-02 17.03.102017-05-02 17.10.42

When working on the moth project, a few of the students said, “We need antennas!” They went into the craft supplies, grabbed pipe cleaners, and glued them to their moth projects. I love that the “Inspiration to Create” projects have made these kids think about how they want their project to look instead of how I think it should look.

2017-05-02 10.16.392017-05-02 16.07.28

I actually did these topics the first week of this month because I ordered some caterpillars from Amazon and wanted the kids to be able to start observing the growth of the caterpillars.

2017-05-02 16.15.30

This was a great way to start the unit. The first thing they would ask every morning was, “Did I miss it? Have the caterpillars changed to butterflies?” They were so excited about observing the caterpillars each day and observing the changes.

2017-05-02 16.17.322017-05-02 16.18.03

For the first week, the caterpillars just ate ALL the time!! It reminded me of the book by Eric Carle called, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” They grew three times their original size.

2017-05-03 16.24.54

The second week, they formed their chrysalises. They attached themselves to the top of the cup they were in and formed a “J” shape. This stage was educational.

2017-05-07 10.14.052017-05-08 13.01.34-1

After about a week, the caterpillars had transformed into butterflies and had started to emerge from their chrysalises.

2017-05-15 07.10.26

We waited 3 days and then we let the butterflies go. It was a fun experience. The butterflies let the kids hold them in their hands. And they were landing on the kids arms, head, and feet.

2017-05-18 10.32.032017-05-18 10.37.002017-05-18 10.37.412017-05-18 10.37.432017-05-18 10.38.042017-05-18 10.38.242017-05-18 10.39.06

I loved that I was able to give them a real life experience into seeing how the world works. Metamorphosis is  amazing and it was fun for them to see it first hand.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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