Build Your Own Insect

This week, we continued the theme “Bugs and Crawly Things” and learned about praying mantis’, walking sticks, and leaf insects.

One activity we did used the insect builder maipulatives sent from Mother Goose Time.

2017-05-11 18.27.12-1

The students used these for a previous lesson last week and loved them. In the earlier lesson, the students had to make the insect on the card.

2017-05-11 18.29.42

This time, the students got to be creative and make their own insects. If they got stuck or just weren’t sure what to do, they could roll the cube to see what shape they should use to build their insect with these insect builders cube cards.

2017-05-11 18.29.20

The students had a lot of fun building their insects. It took a lot of concentration and imagination. The students got frustrated a few times because the pieces didn’t fit right, or their bug didn’t look quite like what they had imagined. It would of been easy for me to step in and tell them where and how to use a certain shape, but I let them struggle and figure out how they wanted to do it because these were their insects. I wanted them to know that they could do it without my help.

2017-05-11 20.57.212017-05-11 21.00.48

Sometimes students need to struggle in order to figure things out on their own. And the final insect products were far better then what I would of come up with had I helped them. The students named their new bugs and told a little bit about them; like what they eat and where they live. They were super proud of their bugs.

2017-05-11 21.02.522017-05-11 21.02.162017-05-11 20.56.05

Problem solving is a skill that all kids need to learn. When my students are trying to figure something out and are getting frustrated, I usually give them a few ideas or hints for what they could do. I do a lot of “think alouds” to teach the thinking process that goes along with solving a problem.

Learning is more beneficial to students when they can figure out a problem themselves. This is preparing them for real life skills. We are faced with problems everyday. And, we don’t always have someone around to help us figure out what to do. Being able to think of possible solutions and then trying out a few of them is preparing these preschoolers for every day life.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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