The Movement Cube

This month, we are learning about birds and eggs from Mother Goose Time.

Yesterday, we learned about bird feet. This was a fun day because we not only pretended to be birds, but we were up and moving the whole day!

We started with trying to use our feet to pick up links and placing them on our counting mat. This was exciting and funny to the kids. But, after about 2 minutes of not being able to pick up the links with their feet, they became frustrated and used their hands.


Moving activities help students develop their gross motor skills, which they need in order to perform ever day functions; such as walking, running, throwing, and catching.

One of my favorite activities that we do each month uses what I call: “The Movement Cube”.


There are different movements you do on each card. You put the cards in the pocket cube and the students take turns rolling the cube and doing the actions. The actions on these cards have to do with how birds use their feet. They can climb, grasp, scratch, etc.


The students had a lot of fun moving and running outside with these movements.



Movement throughout the day is beneficial in helping students retain information, focus better, and learn new concepts.

Children learn by exploring the world around them. Everything is a new discovery to them and they are trying to figure out how the world works. Movement needs to be a big part in everyday activities.

What activities do you do that get your child moving throughout the day?

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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