Piggy’s Market

Assessing a child is one of the most important jobs as a teacher. You wouldn’t want to plan a whole lesson and spend the whole day on a concept that your child already knows. You also wouldn’t want to spend time on a concept that is difficult for them. Finding their level is key in their process for growth and learning.

One way to assess your students is through observation. Mother Goose Time includes questions with each activity that help you make those observations.

This month, we are learning Nursery Rhymes. We started off the week with “This Little Piggy”. One activity we did, from Mother Goose Time, was called “Piggy’s Market”. I taped pictures of food to blocks and set up a market. The students picked a food. I watched as each one was making a choice. I wanted to see if the students would make their own choices or if they would pick the same thing as their friends. Being able to make your own choices and tell why you like that choice is a skill this age group is working on.


After they picked their item, they rolled a die to see how much they would pay for it. I watched each student again to see if they were able to identify the number on the die and count out the same amount of dollars.



At the bottom of this activity in the Lesson Plan Book, it says, ” Assess: Did the child exchange play money for each pretend item? ” As each child is paying for this item, I am thinking about this question. If they are having a difficult time, then I adjust a bit for them. I may just have them give me $1 for the item and show them how it looks to exchange money for goods. If a child is finding this is too easy, then I’ll have them roll 2 dice and add the numbers together. Then, they have to pay me a higher amount of money.

My students have found that I get really excited for them when they make letters out of blocks or play dough during their free time.


2017-02-03 04.02.21.jpg

And I get excited when they make letters out of their food during snack time. I love when they are able to tell me what the letter is and the sound the letter makes.


This week, we learned the letter “I”. My students thought it was really fun to show me the different ways they can make the letter “I”. This is great for me because it’s an easy observation to see if the student knows what the letter looks like.

We played another game this week when we learned the nursery rhyme, “Sing A Song of Sixpence”. The students looked for the letter “i”. I observed each of them to see if they were able to identify an “i” on their own. I needed to see if they could show me what it looked like.  Once they identified the letter, they placed the picture of the blackbird on it.


Observation is the first step in assessing your child or student. Always be aware of your student’s needs and abilities and be ready to adjust if needed.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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