Would You Rather…?

Making decisions is tough. Especially when you are 4 years old. It is easy to be persuaded to choose what a friend wants instead of what you want. I have had many students that make a choice about favorite color, favorite food, or favorite vacation spot and immediately change their choice after hearing what a friend chooses. I have really been stressing the fact that it’s okay to have your own opinion. It might be different from your friend, and that’s okay! We are not all the same. We all might like different things.

Each month, Mother Goose Time sends a “Would You Rather…” game that matches each theme. These games help the students think about what they would want and help them make decisions.


When we first started playing this game, the students would all pick the same thing. But, last month, I noticed that the students were actually thinking about the questions and picking the choice that they would want instead of the choice their friend wants.



As we play this game each month, the students think more carefully about their choices. I remind them to choose what they want, not what their friend wants.



My students are better at making decisions because of this fun game. Plus, they are doing math which is a bonus. We compare most popular to least popular choices and count how many kids chose each picture. They love this game and look forward to playing each month.

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