Shape Pictures

Earlier this week, my students explored shapes.


We learned about illustrators and how shapes can be used and arranged to create bigger pictures. Mother Goose Time suggested an activity to teach students to draw using shapes. Most of the students I teach are younger and can’t draw all the shapes yet. They can draw circles and lines.

To avoid frustration of not being able to draw rectangles, squares, and triangles, I cut out a bunch of different shapes for the students to use to arrange into animals. I originally wanted them to make a cat and a dog. I cut out pieces that would help them make these animals.

The students got a hold of these shapes and started arranging them in several different ways. Before I told them what I wanted them to do, they had all arranged the shapes to make something unique. They had made a cat, a house, a truck, an astronaut, a spaceship, and a bird.


The students glued their shapes on a piece of paper.


This was a short, simple activity that taught the students that shapes can be used and arranged in different ways to make a picture. Plus they were learning their shapes. They would say, “I’m using a circle for the head.” Or, “I’m using a circle for the tires.” I loved that the students turned the shapes into their own picture. I originally planned on giving them step-by-step instructions on how to make a dog, but they decided to explore with the shapes, arrange them the way they wanted and make their own unique picture. They turned this activity into their very own “Invitation to Create”.

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