We Are Chefs

This week, we learned about Chefs. We decorated chef hats provided by Mother Goose Time. Then, we worked together to make bread dough (activity idea also provided from Mother Goose Time).




Before we got in the kitchen, we went over the rules of the kitchen. Kitchens can be dangerous. There are sharp objects, hot surfaces, and heavy equipment. The students gave me examples of things that are sharp, hot, and heavy. I love when they come up with ideas on their own because I feel like the learning is more meaningful.




We worked together to mix the ingredients to make bread dough. I made the students count to 20 while we waited for the dough to mix in the mixer. I was pleasantly surprised at how high they were able to count!




We made a simple dough that was easy for the students to mold into shapes, letters, and numbers. The dough was easy to use, but we ran out of time and didn’t let the dough rise enough. It wasn’t the best tasting dough but, the students were still very proud of their product.  The bread dough recipe card was actually included in the Factory Workers packet from Day 11, but I moved it to be with the day we were learning about Chefs since they were going to be helping me make the dough.


I had the students make the first letter of their name and a shape. I gave them a piece of dough that they had to break it into 2 pieces so they could make a letter and a shape. One of the students decided that he wanted to make a number instead of a shape. He was able to identify the number and create its symbol. We did a similar activity last month which I wrote about called Let’s Make It! I was not able to get a lot of pictures from today, but my pictures from last month’s activity are similar to what we did today.


This activity is engaging and there are so many learning concepts that can be thrown into a lesson like this. They worked on social interactions by working together to make the bread dough. They each took turns putting in an ingredient. The students worked on building their fine motor skills as they shaped the dough. They used math by counting to 20 as we waited for the dough to mix. They practiced identifying letters as they created a letter out of dough. They identified the first letter of their name. Lessons like this are the ones that the students will remember for a long time.

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