Let’s Make It!

Each month, Mother Goose Time sends different recipes for the students to make. These recipes may or may not be edible. One recipe they sent this month was for dough.


The students were really excited to be able to play with the dough. I told them to make any shape or letter. They did great! I got the letters E, A, C, S, and P. I also got a few circles and a zebra. A few of them were frustrated because they couldn’t make the shape they wanted, so they asked for help. But, most of them were excited to explore with the dough and see what they could come up with themselves.




After they made their shapes, I baked the dough and we ate our product for snack. The kids were so proud of their work.



I love doing hands-on activities, like this, where the students get to be in charge of their learning. They got to decide what shape they were going to make to get baked and eaten later.

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