All About Cows

Our theme for the month of October is Down on the Farm.

2016-10-07 13.25.53.jpg

One of the topics this week was cows.


I like to start each day off with an Investigation Station. These activities come from the Mother Goose Time teacher guide book.


Unlike all the other activities from Mother Goose Time, none of the items are provided in your box to do each investigation station. But, most likely, you already have all the items needed to do each activity. These activities are hands-on and get the students up and moving. I like to ask a question that gets them thinking before we begin the activity. Today we investigated what it would be like to milk a real cow. “What do you think it would be like to milk a cow?” I filled up rubber gloves with water and poked small holes at the ends of each finger. The students thought it was really fun to pretend to milk a cow.





Before doing this activity, I told my students the rules:

1. No squirting each other with water.

2. No running off (because we went outside to do this activity.)

Every single one of them listened and followed the rules. They went around outside squirting the water on the rocks, cement, and bushes. A few of them had holes that were too small and the water was not coming out as fast as they would like. This was frustrating because they wanted to squirt the water. One of the boys came and asked me if I could poke bigger holes in his gloves.

After our Investigation station, we read There’s A Cow In My House by Brian Steckler. This is the book of the month provided by Mother Goose.


I love story time! It was challenging at the beginning of the year to get the students to sit long enough to hear the whole story. I used to get interrupted at least 5 times per page. We go over the rules of reading time before every story. I am excited to say that this was the first week that I read every story without being interrupted! The kids have definitely built their stamina for sitting and listening to a 5 minute story. It’s kind of a big break through for me. Getting kids to sit still and listen for 5 minutes is a huge accomplishment. I think the key is consistency. And silly voices.


After story time, we made cow masks. We pretended to be cows. We talked about what it would be like to have a cow living in our house.









I loved this project because each of the kids made the cow their own. It would have been easy for them to all look the same, but each one reflects the personalty of the student. They are getting used to the Invitation to Create projects where they get to choose how they want their art to look. We focus on the process rather than the product.

For phonics and reading, we are learning the letter ‘c’ and the nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue. We practiced saying the poem and the students looked for the letter ‘c’ in each of the words. It’s a little sad that one of my students found a ‘c’ that I missed. I was proud of him.


The last activity we did today was a math activity. We practiced sorting by size and color using the cow pieces found in the monthly box. I tried to do this activity as an inquiry activity. I wanted to see if they would sort the cows on their own, or if they needed some prompting. I asked a few questions like, “What do you notice about the cows?” and “What size are the cows?” They did not sort the cows on their own like I thought they would. They wanted to play with the cows instead. They each had to have a mommy, daddy, and baby cow. I helped them sort the cows by size and color. I think the more we practice this skill, the better they will be at it.




Overall, today was a successful day. I love when learning works and the students are engaged with every activity that was planned.

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