“Mom, I can read!”

“Mom, I can read!” This is a phrase I heard one of my students say when they saw their mom after preschool today. It makes me so happy to see my students being confident in themselves as they learn to read.

This week, we have worked on the “-at” word family and practiced the sight words: “a”, “is”, “it”.

Word Family


We played a game to help us read words in the “-at” family. The students rolled the die, identified the letter, and found the word that starts with that letter. Then, we practiced saying the word together. One of my students sat down and said, “I already know this says sat. And this says cat.” It’s nice to know that what is being taught at school (and more likely at home) is sticking. I think it gives me and the parents reassurance that all our efforts are not wasted. These kids are soaking up everything we throw at them. That’s why it is so important that kids are exposed to reading at a young age. They might not get it right away, but I believe that the more times a child is exposed to something, the more likely they are to remember it.


Sight Words 

We read the “I Can Read!” book that is included in the Mother Goose Time box each month. I love this book because it is simple and predictable. The students could read it without actually looking at the words. We pointed to each sight word so the students had a chance to recognize each word as they read it. They were cute! I could tell that they thought they were big girls and boys because they were reading a book all by themselves. I suggested to the parents that they point out these words as they read other stories with their child. This will give them more exposure to the word and help it stick in their mind. One of my parents commented, “My child is going to know how to read before she learns how to hold her pencil correctly.”



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