Our Feelings

This week we talked about the feelings scared, surprised, happy, and sad.


My students and I discussed what makes us scared. One of the girls in my class told me that going to preschool makes her scared. I am working on being less scary. We pretended that a scary monster wanted to join us at school. I had them describe their monster’s looks. Then, we made our monsters out of play-dough and craft materials. The students had a lot of fun making the monsters. This was a great counting activity as well. The students counted each of the eyes as they put it on the monster.



We talked about birthdays and being surprised with presents on our birthday. I gave each of the students a Tupperware. I told them to find a present for me that would fit inside the container. They came back with some awesome gifts. I surprised them with a wrapped present, a sucker. I loved the looks on their faces when they saw I had a present for them. They were truly surprised. Then, we made birthday crowns and had a celebration.



I showed the students the Picasso painting. I told them to think of things that made them happy. I pointed out the shapes on the painting and the faces. I told the students to create a picture of a happy face and use colors that make them happy. It was fun to see their creativity side come out. I was nervous that this activity would be a flop and the students would end up just painting the paper one color. But, they surprised me and created some awesome pictures. Mother Goose Time has included an “Invitation to Create” section in their lesson plans. It is open-ended and gives the kids room to explore and create the way they want. Since my preschool kids are 3 and 4, I was not sure how this was going to work. I thought they would need more guidance and direct instruction. But, I wanted to see what they could do so I gave few instructions: to make a happy face and use colors that make you happy. I am very impressed and excited to see what they will come up with for the other “invitation to create” crafts.



We talked about what it means to cry and how people cry. We talked about things that made us sad. We read a story about a giant who was sad because no one would play with him. It was neat to see the kids work together to come up with solutions for how to make the giant feel included.


These great ideas were brought to us by Mother Goose Time. I love this curriculum because they have great ideas that are engaging for the kids and the activities get them thinking.

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